Elf Footwear, Accessories, Costumes And Far more For Santa’s Helper

Toddler+Elf+ShoesThese Felt Boots Can Be Used As Slippers Or To Full A Fancy Dress Outfit. Felt Prime And Slipper With A Faux Leather Sole. A Wonderful Cheap Costume Accessory For A Outfit. A single Size Novelty Elf Boots. As with other dyed moccasins I have bought from softstar, this shoes stain my child’s feet, especially the blue colour. The dye does not effortlessly wash off with soap and warm water, but has to put on off with time over the next day or two. This is incredibly inconvenient and I don’t even know if the dye is non toxic for such repeated exposure as his feet have been blue nearly just about every use for the past month. I have wanted to inquire of the dye’s security, but this is the first chance to give mention to the problem. I am not interested in buying dyed moccasins once more even though I definitely like the notion and concept of the shoe. I’d likely just go with the leather shoes for each youngster b/c we have not had any staining difficulties with the elk leather.

Suede emerald green and turquoise uppers wrap the foot in wealthy, breathable leather. The traditional suede ...

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